Fun & Adventure Activities to Do in Jaisalmer


Those who want to fly like a bird, can check this adventure sport in Jaisalmer. You can experience this adventure sport in the desert camp. This is not so dangerous, but enjoyable for anyone who is looking to feel the sense of flying. This adventure sport is going to be a completely different experience for you.


This desert city is home to many adventure activities and Paramotoring is one of them. This is a stunning outdoor adventure sport in the heart of the desert. It is the upgraded version of parasailing and uses motor power to experience the flying sensation more accurately. Moreover, it is a personal, open aircraft moved by a small engine. With this small aircraft, you can easily take off from the middle of the desert.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a unique adventure sport to experience in this desert city. It is an incredible experience of riding a 4-wheel bike through the sand dunes. Everyone will want to try this sport once in his/her life because of its uniqueness. Quad biking in Jaisalmer is a must-try sport for anyone looking for adventure in every step.

Boating at Gadisar Lake

People, those who love water-based sports, should go for a boat ride on this lake. This is a superb feeling to experience out of city life. The lake is surrounded by several Hindu temples, so you can hear the enchanting of rituals during the boating. During the winter, the lake becomes a temporary home for many migratory birds making your boating experience more beautiful.

Visit the Indo-Pak Border

If you are looking for some different activities in Jaisalmer to participate, then you should try this activity. During this visit, you can see some posts of the Indian army such as Longewala and Tanot. In this visit, you can view several beautiful places in nearby areas. Also, you can see the army tank. In the border, there are some ancient temples that you can explore while returning.